Prison Ministry

We have several members involved in an extensive Prison Ministry.  Our volunteers say this ministry in an unusually fulfilling form of Christian service.  They love ‘doing time’ in the prisons across Arkansas and Oklahoma.  We will soon have our Prison Ministry calendar here for you to see how you can be involved.  

Prison Ministry Coordinator- Jerry Inman – 479.394.6248

Visitation Ministry

Jesus said, “I was sick and you visited me.” (Matthew 25:36). Caring for sick and shut-in people is a great opportunity to connect with Christ thru an act of service with our Visitation Ministry.  This ministry focuses primarily on elderly people who need to see a fresh face and hear an inspiring word.  But we are just as concerned for younger folks who are going thru a difficult season.  If you have a compassionate and encouraging heart we have a place for you.

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Hospitality Ministry

Every family eventually goes thru a health care crisis or the painful loss of a loved one. The Hospitality Ministry is there is there when it happens. Our volunteers prepare large family meals for funerals and take meal to people who are returning home from serious hospital stays.

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Counseling and Life Coaching

Ministry comes in many forms.  Our Pastors are passionate about meeting people where they are and helping them to grow in their faith.  If you or your family needs some guidance through a season or if you are struggling to gain vision and purpose in life let us work with you to move forward.  Jesus desires for that you “have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

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