CCF Ministries

CCF Kids

Got Kids? We've got a place for them. Our new Building design has a children's area that shouts out- " Little Kids are a Big Deal at CCF.

C.R.E.W. Youth Ministry

Our ministry to teens is close nit, Bible based, and fun focussed. We call it C.R.E.W. - " Christians Ready, Equipped, and Willing."

Home Study Groups

Looking for Christian friends? You'll find them in our weekly, Home Bible Studies. Each class is built around Food, Friendship, and Scripture Focus.

Visitation Ministry

Jesus said, “I was sick and you visited me” (Matthew 25:36). So caring for sick and shut-in people accomplishes even more than just ministering to others.  It’s also an opportunity to connect with Christ thru an acts of service.  Our visitation ministry focusses primarily on elderly people who need to see a fresh face and hear an inspiring word.  But we are just as concerned for younger folks who are going thru difficult times.  This ministry is open to care givers and care receivers of all ages.   Email our church secretary Lana Coogan at 

Prison Ministry

Are you interested in helping? Please contact Jerry Inman (479-394-6248)

Hospitality Ministry

Provides meals for CCF's Church Body when they are ill or recouping from surgery. Please contact Kathy Phillips (479-216-0837)