CCF is for... Seeking, Learning, Healing


What We Don’t Do and Why?

Like any effective organization, we at CCF recognize our limitations, as well as our resources. So rather than trying to do many things on mediocre levels, we aim for excellence in 3 areas of emphasis where we feel uniquely called and equipped.

We follow the advice of Henry Blackaby in his book Experiencing God. Specifically, we create new ministries according to Blackaby’s principle of “Looking for where God is working, then joining God in those works.” Having clear principles and plans in place is essential to focused, effective ministry because in any group, there are always plenty of good, well intentioned people who have many good, well intentioned ministries they strongly feel the church should start. Whether the individual ideas are truly good or not, we need a standard measurement for determining what we do and what we don’t do. Throughout these early, developmental stages at CCF, we have paid careful attention, watching carefully to discern what God is doing among us by noting the kinds of people God draws to us, the kinds of needs they have, in relation to the specific human resources God has provided.

We have no desire to copy or compete with the programming of other churches. Rather, we support, affirm, and sometimes even refer people to other churches that may be better suited to their needs, interests, gifts, or preferred styles.

Often, this simply means encouraging a person to participate in a particular growth and healing opportunity offered by another local church. But inevitably, certain individuals may need to actually move on so as to find a better fit – That is, a church they find more comfortable or more conducive to their understanding of what church should or shouldn’t be or do


Are you Disillusioned, Down and Done with Church CCF is for SEEKERS, SKEPTICS, AND HONEST DOUBTERS

At CCF, we recognize that life-long spiritual growth leads us through major changes in the way we view life, the Bible, even the nature of God. Sincere believers can and do get Disillusioned, Down, or Done with Christianity for a number of honest, legitimate, and honorable reasons. Our intellectual integrity often demands that we ask deep, difficult, questions...the kinds of questions “good Christians” are not “supposed to ask”. When we do ask, our questions may be met with simplistic answers or negative, fear- based reactions that leave us wondering, “What are they so afraid that I will find?” Did not Jesus teach us to seek, that we may find?” (Matthew 7: )

CCF is a safe and open place to seek, to ask, to go “Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door”. We do not claim to have all the answers...we cherish the things we’ve found to be true. We share the truths we know, and we are learning to trust God with what we don’t yet know. Join us in the search and do not be afraid of what you will find, for all truth is God’s Truth, regardless of where it comes from. God’s truth comes to us through Scripture AND Science AND Psychology AND even from seemingly opposing viewpoints. Do you remember the old story about the 6 blind brothers who stumbled across an elephant one day! All the brothers were right about something. All the brothers were wrong about something. And, so it is with many of our brothers from other mothers and sisters from different Mr’s. Like Paul, who authored over half of the New Testament, none of us know everything, but all of us know something.

Come share what you know with us. Let us share with you. CCF is for SEEKERS.


Faith in God does not climax and plateau at the point of salvation. Salvation is the turning point in which a person finds purpose and life.

CCF serves as a catalyst for anyone ready to learn. Removing stale, callous, religious people from the rut of routine and transitioning them to a place of freshly renewed life lived by the Word of God. Approaching the bible in an easy to understand way and giving application to the modern Christian’s life.

Friendship is where it all begins. We seek to learn who each person is to be able to meet them where they are in their journey. It’s our goal to see the unbeliever be introduced to Christ and begin their journey as a spiritual babe and be grown into a spiritual disciple (1 Cor. 3:1-3). The disciple grows into a multiplying leader. That leaders matures into a co-labourer, pushing forward the mission and growth of the church. Through out this process being completely aware that it is God who brings forth the growth (1 Cor. 3:5-7). 

How do we learn?

CCF provides mentors and advisors for new believers of every age! We provide counselling for those in need. We train and equip our teaching leaders to facilitate impactful group studies. Our studies focus on Spiritual Formation, Personal Growth, Relationships, Theological Studies, Interpersonal Communication, and more. We find value in discussing and studying differing views and interpretations of scripture. Confidence in what you believe is the result of prayerful study.

It is not our goal to be a product of what we’ve been told is true, but products of the living and active Word of God speaking into our lives and the Holy Spirit leading us to Spiritual insights that will change lives.



Not treating symptoms, but dealing with the health and healing of the heart and soul.


At CCF, we want to help others and each other with our mental and physical health issues, as well as the

ultimately important spiritual needs we all have. Romans 12:2 describes the biblical directive behind our

teaching and counseling: “Be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” We prioritize and continually teach

practices for personal, life-long growth. We see Christ-likeness as a primary purpose in each of our lives. At

CCF, we are devoted to further the spiritual/psychological development needed to outgrow the hang-ups,

blocks, and self-defeating attitudes that have repeatedly bullied and beaten us down. We believe our most

significant problems cannot be solved, but they can be outgrown (Carl Jung).


Our interest in Wholisitic Ministry also drove our plan to develop and launch a life coaching ministry this year.

Life coaching is different from counseling in that it is not directly designed to resolve relational or psychological

issues. More specifically, it is aimed at helping people discover their unique gifts and passions, which then

serve as guides for developing new “Life Maps” to guide us into the fresh, fulfilling futures God has in store.

More on this as it takes shape. Other personal growth and learning ministries slated to begin by 2020: Big

Brother/Sister Ministry and 1 or 2 mentors for adults.